The Vault

As you descend deeper into the ruins, the air grows colder around you as fog envelops your body.

As you continue forward, you see an ancient vault through the fog. It looks as though it hasn’t been opened in centuries.

Cautiously, you extend your hands forward and push the massive door open. An awful creaking sound fills your ears as the vault slowly opens…

An ancient vault in the midst of an overgrown ruins
Image generated by DALLĀ·E.

This is a collection of old blog posts that I wrote prior to the current version of this site. They’re mostly about learning web development in 2018.

I removed these posts from my website because I don’t feel like they’re up to the current standard of my work. However, I feel like they’re still valuable for historical purposes. I’ve been inspired to archive these posts by other writers who leave their old writing up to document their progress over the years.

I can’t promise that you’ll find anything of value here, but you may find something you find interesting.